Around 400 international students graduate from TNMU each year

TNMU Alumni Testimonials

Stephen Suleiman Tamanuwa, Nigeria

“My time spent in this University has been unequivocally one of the most valuable experiences in my life”

“I am Stephen Suleiman Tamanuwa, a Ternopil State Medical University alumnus. I am from Nigeria. My time spent in this University has been unequivocally one of the most valuable experiences in my life. TSMU is a place where students choose to sip, drink or soak themselves into knowledge. The academic curriculum is comparable with any standard Medical University. Ternopil is a student-friendly city; financially, socially and religiously speaking. I’m glad to be here”.

Isogie Osholene Precious, Nigeria
I am doctor Precious Isogie from Edo State (Southern part of Nigeria), I studied at Ivan Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University in 2011-2016. My experience in TSMU was challenging just like any other university in the world. To start off I left my home country Nigeria to fulfill my dreams of becoming a dental surgeon. I was glad when i got admission to a prestigious school in the Ukraine. The excitement of travelling abroad was overwhelming. I was welcomed into the TSMU family with different ethnic background, accents, religion, culture and lifestyle.

Discipline and orderliness are the major factor one has to have to be able to successfully complete the study program in Ukraine. The school authorities (doctors, professors, lecturers) made sure we were instilled with these characteristics and many more. For that I am grateful to all my professors for helping me not only to become a better doctor but a better person.

I learned how to prioritize and balance my academic and social life, which TSMU gave me a great platform to do so. I was in a group with about 10 other students for the duration of my academic stay, students from different part of the world, we learnt to accommodate each other, be respectfull to one another to have an effective learning environment. One of the things I really liked was the fact that all materials, subjects, practical works, videos, pictures and notes were made ready on the school website.

I strongly recommend you to go to study at Ivan Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University.

Saurav Dey, India
I am Dr. Saurav Dey,a Ternopil State Medical University alumnus. Of the best phases of my life that I have had up until now, my stay at Ternopil State Medical University is undoubtedly one of them.  It would be an understatement to say that I have rich memories of the university and the city.  My university has been a home away from home. Never did I feel left out or lonely.  As far as studies are concerned, I am whatever my university has made out of me. I went to be a doctor but returned being an absolute gentleman and, of course, a doctor with a very professional outlook. This institution has not only sown the seeds of dreams in my heart, but also has led me to the path of success. The curriculum is at par with any other university and students can always look forward to some very good faculty.
Olga Branicka, Poland
My name is Olga Branicka and I come from Poland. I graduated from Ternopil Medical State University in 2013. I found this time the best in my life. I am sure that the University in Ternopil was my best choice as it offers a wide variety of teaching and scientific facilities, all is very well organized and it offers impressive range of faculties, libraries, and computer rooms. All lecturers and teachers are highly competent. They have a good knowledge of English, and friendly attitude towards students and also a high patience. It is very important to mention that the kindly atmosphere is created by students that study in Ternopil’s Univeristy. The majority of foreign students come from Poland but there are lots of people from all over the world. The university has a prestige and high level. Ternopil is a beautiful city with many attractions for students.
Adam Faisal, Nigeria
I am Adam Faisal, currently serving my country as a physician with the Federal Ministry of works, land and housing hospital in Abuja, Nigeria. I graduated from TSMU in 2013 and since then the knowledge and experiences garnered as a student in the institution have helped me immensely. It enabled me pass The Nigerian medical qualifying examinations immediately after my graduation and has been most vital in enabling me successfully practice my chosen professions. With the benefits of hindsight, I can say that the institution is world class standard and equipped with the best facilities and manpower needed to forge a fresh entrant into a knowledgeable professional ready to make a mark on the world. It is a well rounded and balanced institution with facilities that has shaped my interest and understanding of medicine and over the period of six years while I was a student the school have continued to improve and upgrade its facilities and faculty even in areas where i used to think the was no room for further improvement. The small group size enables students to have adequate exposure and interaction with the lecturers and this make it easier to grasp difficult scientific and medical concepts which sometimes seem esoteric. The memories and experiences I had in the school are some of my most treasured ones and I will dare say that attending the school has been one of the most important steps in have taken in my life so far.
Solomon Ntor, Nigeria
Ternopil State Medical University offered me the possibility to pursue a career in medicine. My years at TSMU afforded me the opportunity to collaborate with extraordinary people who were my professors, clinical teachers and fellow classmates. TSMU is unique in its ability to bring together students from different nationalities, all striving for the highest quality medical education in Ukraine. The learning experience at TSMU laid a solid foundation for my clinical skills and future endeavors as a physician. 

As an international medical graduate, I am proud to be an alumni of TSMU!