History of the Faculty

The first international students got enrolled at the Ternopil State Medical Academy in September 1997. Since then, their number at our University have been increasing steadily: in the academic year 2015/2016, over 1,500 international students from 53 countries are getting training at the Ternopil State Medical University.

According to the decision of the State Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine of 10 February 1998, Ternopil State Medical Academy was given the right to conduct pre-university training, and according to the decision of 7 April 1998, it was authorized to provide university training of foreign nationals in the accredited specialties. Since then, the University extended its license for training of foreign citizens two times, and now it has the right to enroll 100 students of the Preparatory Department and 500 students in the accredited specialties.

Graduation of international students
Graduation of international students (2008)

To expand the admissions of international students, extensive promotional work is conducted. Video films, brochures, pamphlets about the University are distributed in many countries. Dean’s Office staff have visited India, Nigeria, Ghana, Slovakia and other countries, where they have met with prospective students. An English web page of the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of International Students has been created, where applicants have the opportunity to register and apply for training online.

Graduation Day 2010.
Graduation Day 2010. Prof. Mykhailo M. Korda, the Rector of TSMU, then Dean of the Faculty of International Students, is presenting TSMU graduates with their diplomas

The University has repeatedly been visited by officials of the embassies and consulates of a range of countries. Specifically, on March 28, 2009, Ternopil State Medical University was visited by Mr. Abdul Sani Omar, Ambassador of Malaysia to Ukraine, with his wife, and the First Secretary of the Embassy of Malaysia to Ukraine. They met with the University administration, got acquainted with the education and residence conditions of international students. During conversations, the visitors received comprehensive information about modern European teaching methods and information technologies introduced at our University, about cooperation of the Ternopil State Medical University with leading international institutions of higher medical education, and other important aspects of University activities. The Ambassador expressed his appreciation of the University and assured that Malaysia is sincerely interested in cooperation with leading universities in Ukraine, including the I.Y.Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University. The respected guests had a tour of the Morphological Buildings and several other University facilities, and visited the hostel, where they met Malaysian students.

Mr. Abdul Sani Omar
Mr. Abdul Sani Omar, Ambassador of Malaysia to Ukraine, and his wife during a visit to Ternopil State Medical University

On September 11, 2009, the University was visited by Mr. Ibrahim Pada Kasai, Ambassador of Nigeria to Ukraine. The Ambassador had a meeting with Prof. Leonid Y. Kovalchuk, Rector of the University, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. During the meeting, Prof. Leonid Y. Kovalchuk introduced the Ambassador to the University and noted that most of our Nigerian students are highly motivated and hardworking. Therefore, the University is interested in expanding the contingent of Nigerian students. The Rector expressed his hope that their meeting would contribute to closer cooperation between the two countries in the field of education. The Ambassador noted that he was impressed by the conditions created for international students at the University, and would recommend Nigerian nationals to study at the Ternopil Medical University. After the meeting with the Rector, the Nigerian Ambassador met TSMU students and visited several University departments.

A lot of effort is made towards the recognition of our University in Malaysia. The University has been visited several times by delegations from the Lincoln University (Kuala Lumpur). It signed an agreement under which training of Malaysian students is planned at TSMU. It is planned that the Lincoln University would be enrolling Malaysian citizens, and after graduation they would be receiving double diplomas – those of both the Ternopil State Medical University and the University of Lincoln.

Given the current processes of internationalization in education and the demands of the time, as well as the international students’ desire to study in the English medium, the Ternopil State Medical University organized special courses to improve English language skills of University professors at the Department of Foreign Languages in June 1998. Today, about 50% of the teaching staff of TSMU have certificates of proficiency in English, and 80% of students study General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing in in the English medium.

Before 2004, there was no separate Faculty of International Students and all international students belonged to the Medical Faculty, which had a separate position of vice-dean for international students. Due to the significant increase in the number of international students, an urgent need arose for a separate Faculty of International Students at the University. By the Order of the Rector of December 2004, the Faculty of International Students was created and the position of Dean of International Students was introduced. The Dean’s Office directed its efforts at improving the training of international students and at facilitating their adaptation to the University and to Ukraine.

The Faculty of International Students currently includes 5 departments, Institute of Nursing and the Preparatory Department. To improve the organizational and educational work for international students, by the Rector’s Order, four new department (Department of Surgery No 2, Department of Therapy No 2, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No 2, Department of Pediatrics No 2) were created to improve the organizational and educational work among international students; they began to teach solely international students from September 1, 2009. The newly created departments led were chaired by Doctors of Science, and all departments are fully staffed with English-speaking teachers who have level 1 certificates of English. The departments have prepared all materials to train students for practical classes, presentations, lectures, curricula and guidelines in English and Russian, as well as at least 250 questions for daily tests in the Moodle system for each practical class in both languages.

The new departments are fully equipped. Computer classrooms are functioning, all departments are connected to the internet, equipped with the necessary phantoms, models and other kits for mastering practical skills.

Along with the departments that belong to the Faculty of International Students, international students have classes at all the other departments of the University that belong to the Medical Faculty, Dentistry Faculty, and Pharmacy Faculty. All of these departments have English-speaking specialists. Of all the disciplines studied by international students have methodological support in English and Russian, such as materials to prepare for practical classes, presentations, lectures, teaching materials for students, algorithms of practical skills, teaching materials for the teachers. All of these materials are available both in printed and computer versions, to which students have free access 24/7 via the Internet.

A number of teachers published books for international students in English. In particular, the following editions are in strong demand among international students not only of our University, but also of other educational institutions of Ukraine:

Kovalchuk L. Hospital Surgery / L.Kovalchuk. – Ternopil: Ukrmedknyha, 2004;

Demchenco O. Latin Language and Fundamentals of Medical Terminology / O.Demchenco, M.Zakaliuzhnyi. – Ternopil: Ukrmedknyha, 2004;

Bihunyak T. V. Medical Biology / T.V.Bihunyak. – Ternopil: Ukrmedknyha, 2010;

Martseniuk V.P. Personal computer hardware and software fundamentals / V.P. Martseniuk, A.V. Semenets. – Ternopil: Ukrmedknyha, 2009;

Bondarenko Y. I. Pathological Physiology / Y. I. Bondarenko. – Ternopil: Ukrmedknyha, 2006;

Holyachenko O. Social Medicine and Health Care Organization / O. Holyachenko. – Ternopil: Ukrmedknyha, 2004;

Khmil S. Gynecology / S. Khmil. – Ternopil: Ukrmedknyha, 2003;

Kozak D.V. General Hygiene and Ecology / D. V. Kozak. – Ternopil: Ukrmedknyha, 2008;

Hnatyuk M.S. Operative Surgery and Topographical Anatomy / M.S. Hnatyuk, O.B. Slabyy. – Ternopil: Ukrmedknyha, 2004

and others.

The Institute of Nursing trains nurses at the Specialty “Nursing” of the educational qualification levels of Junior Specialist, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science, Specialty “Laboratory Diagnostics” of the educational qualification level of Bachelor of Science. The Institute of Nursing operates the International Nursing School. Students from the United States, Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana and other countries receive training here in the field of Nursing. Curricula and syllabi used for training of international students at the Institute of Nursing are identical to those of the University of South Carolina School of Nursing. Therefore, graduates of the International Nursing School get jobs in Europe and the United States after passing the relevant examinations.

In 2009, the Institute of Nursing introduced a new form of training – distance learning – for the Specialty of Nursing of the educational qualification level of Bachelorof Science. For this form of training, the University obtained permits of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, created online resources and currently has about 200 international students from the US and Canada enrolled in the distance form of training. On July 10, 2011 the first graduates of the distance learning program was held at the International Career Consulting, Inc. in New York.

Vice-Rector and Dean of the University awarded diplomas to 22 graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing programme who were trained for two years at the distance form of learning of the Institute of Nursing of the Ternopil State Medical University.

First graduation of American Bachelors of Science in Nursin
First graduation of American Bachelors of Science in Nursing from distance learning

Dr. Joseph Tohadze, President of the International Career Consulting, Inc., noted in his speech that the US has a large number of nurses wishing to obtain a bachelor’s degree online on the job and the number of students will increase from year to year because they are satisfied with the quality and ease of teaching and obtained in the Ternopil State Medical University knowledge.

Representatives were also students after graduation. In particular, they said, We are nurses who live in America, and received the American license, passed the hard way and now the hard work. BA strengthen the stability of our position and help in career development. We are very satisfied with the education in the Ternopil Medical University and University Rector grateful Corr. NAMS of Ukraine, prof. LY Kovalchuk, leadership programs and professional teachers. For two years, we are so used to be part of the University that many of us are not going to stop and will continue training at the master’s program.

Today almost all Bachelor program graduates distance evalyuatsiynymy agencies recognized by the US, which are included in the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, and hospitals, where our graduates.

Institute of Nursing constantly conducts national and international scientific and methodological conferences nursing, also issued the journal “Nursing”.

The third division of the faculty of international students is the preparatory department of the university. Every year there has about 100 students. Most students study the Ukrainian language. Teachers Preparatory Department is highly qualified linguists, prepared to defend their theses or plan. Teachers Preparatory Department published the textbook “Ukrainian language for students of Preparatory Department” and is preparing another Russian. Each year the students of the preparatory department involved in the inter-university competition for the best knowledge of the Ukrainian language and win prizes.

Well organized leisure international students at the university. Despite the high demands and severity of educational material, international students living multilateral interesting life. They gladly play sports, especially like to play football, volleyball, cricket. Between teams from different countries organizes football tournaments, the winners of which are awarded cups and other prizes. During the holidays, on weekends international students traveling with satisfaction picturesque corners of Ukraine. Especially they like the Carpathians, Lviv ancient, picturesque nature skirts.

International students also actively organized amateur performances. Yes, March 28, 2009 in the largest concert hall of Ternopil – Palace of Culture “Berezil” a charity festival called “Evening of International Cultural Exchange 2009”. This charity concert became a unique event of this kind held in Ternopil first time. It was initiated and carried out by international students of TSMU. The festival came mayor Ternopil, Ambassador of Malaysia to Ukraine, director of International Education and Education of Ukraine and other officials. The evening was opened by Rector of the University corresponding member of NAMS of Ukraine prof. LY Kovalchuk. During the festival concert took place (folk dances and songs performed by representatives of various countries), fashion member countries under the slogan “Yesterday and Today” exhibition and sale of souvenirs. All funds collected during the preparation and conduct of the festival were transferred to regional specialized orphanage “Baby”.

Charity Festival "Evening International Cultural Exchange 2009"
Charity Festival “Evening International Cultural Exchange 2009” (PC “Berezil” 28.03.2009)

In April 2010, international students of TSMU again had a big charity festival in PC “Berezil.” This year’s festival was called “An Evening of International Cultural Exchange 2010 – Colors of the World”. It was a real celebration of emotions and colors, fireworks, songs and dances, customs and cultures of the world. Their numbers presented students from Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Poland, Ukraine and other countries. The festival was attended by representatives of the regional and city administration, Director of International Programs Ukraine Ministry of Health, the first secretaries of foreign embassies and other officials. We can say that this time the festival has become a country, as it Ternopil except medical students also attended by international students Lugansk State Medical University and the O. Bohomolets National Medical University. All funds collected during the preparation and conduct of the festival, were listed on Berezhany boarding school.

Charity Festival "Evening International Cultural Exchange 2010 - Colors of the World"
Charity Festival “Evening International Cultural Exchange 2010 – Colors of the World” (PC “Berezil” 24.03.2010)

Prospects for international students faculty are closely connected with the general concept of Ternopil National Medical University. Assumed distribution of subjects in cycles during their study of international students. Cycles must meet the content modules work programs. For each cycle of fixed specific teacher. This will allow teachers to more deeply grasp the peculiarities of teaching specific subjects, read the latest achievements of science on some specific issues and, as a result, better disclose and explain your topic to students. It is also complete equipment training rooms in accordance with faculty cycle training system modern educational devices, phantoms, models, tables.

Presentations and texts of lectures in English and Russian languages need to constantly update the latest data that appear in the literature. Only in this case can prepare high-quality specialists who will really have the knowledge necessary to the doctor today. It is also planned to create thematic educational videos for international students in English and Russian, is constantly replenished database of tests, diversify its situational tasks and graphics.

You must constantly replenish the library fund with new books and manuals in English, which will go into publishing houses Ukraine and abroad. At the same time it is necessary to work actively on writing textbooks, manuals, atlases English at the departments of international students.

Important in terms of future development should be continuous improvement level of English teachers. It is necessary to provide English language training faculty in educational institutions of Europe and America to improve English and involvement in the educational process of new modern teaching methods.

It is necessary to motivate international students in independent work at home and at the Department, preparing for lessons using educational CDs, Intranet, Internet in computer rooms and departmental libraries.

Given the urgency and necessity for students currently remote teaching, need to improve and expand this process to constantly update the material and technical basis for such a study, a set audiolektsiy each discipline, replenish database of test questions and materials to prepare students for employment.

An important aspect of the development of the faculty is a scientific work. It is necessary to increase the effectiveness of research scientists of the Faculty through the introduction of innovative proposals, to promote promising research projects.

During the Faculty’s history, in different years it was headed by:

1997-1998 – Prof. Ihor Y. Halaichuk

1998-2003 – Assoc.Prof. Vitalii V. Maliovanyi

2003-2004 – Prof. Serhii I. Klymniuk

2004-2007 – Assoc.Prof. Petro R. Selskyy

2007 – Prof. Oleksandr V. Oliinyk

2007-2015 – Prof. Mykhailo M. Korda

2015-present – Prof. Petro R. Selskyy

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