Instructions on Writing Semester Tests



1. While filling in the back of your answer sheet (student’s personal info), please fill in every line regardless of whether or not you use every page.

2. Please make sure the number of your booklet corresponds to the number of your work.

3. In case of technical error in MCQs (e.g. two identical answers), do not fill in the box but inform the examination commission.

4. Use of corrector (correcting fluid), eraser is forbidden. Only use the pen provided by the commission.

5. Use of additional sources of information (cheating, electronic devices) and any discussions are forbidden. If a mobile phone (even a switched off one) or any other electronic device (headphones, microphone, etc.) is discovered, the commission may cancel the whole test.

6. It is strictly forbidden to take your booklets out of the testing hall, to change variants, and to change places.