Medical Care and Health Insurance

All international students at TNMU get health insurance that covers emergency and polyclinic treatment.

In case of necessity, international students of TNMU should either seek medical care from a local family doctor at their place of residence, or visit Polyclinic №2.

Important information about health insurance:

1. In order to get health insurance, international students have to

a) make respective application in the Dean’s Office for International Students

b) get their health insurance policy from the Dean’s Office for International Students

2. Your health insurance policy will cover:

a) cost of hospital treatment, operations and diagnostics, medications, surgical dressings and fixing materials necessary for treatment

b) cost of ambulance services and transportation to the nearest hospital or doctor

c) cost of out-patient treatment, including costs of medical services, diagnostics, surgical dressings and fixing materials necessary for treatment

Your expenditures on treatment covered by the insurance policy will be refunded based on the doctor’s prescriptions and receipts.

3. The health insurance company has coverage on the whole territory of Ukraine and assures full reimbursement of the insured costs of health care. It is important to use a reliable insurance company recommended by the Dean’s Office; cheap insurance companies have limited coverage.

International students of TNMU get three types of medical insurance:

  • Hospital (inpatient) / emergency care insurance (current cost – 1000 hryvnias)
  • Polyclinic (outpatient) care insurance (current cost – 900 hryvnias)

Repatriation insurance (current cost – 600 hryvnias)

Thus, the full price for medical insurance is 2500 hryvnias.