Practical Training

Follow these steps to make proper arrangements for your practice

1. Check one of the following links to see your practice subjects, schedule, and teachers in charge (General Medicine, DentistryPharmacy; Additional info: Dentistry)
2. Decide where you are going to have your practice. If you want to practice outside Ukraine, find appropriate place for your practice (hospital/clinic, dental clinic/hospital, pharmacy). Also, your group leader must submit to the Dean’s Office a list with names and practice locations to let us reserve a place for you in Ternopil, or to notify us about your practice elsewhere.
3. Get a practice journal (available from bookstall, Dean’s Office building)
4. If you are planning on having you practical training outside Ternopil, you must meet the teacher in charge of each practice to ask about detailed instructions/ recommendations for your practice, and to get the teacher’s consent in the form of his/her signature on your application (see application sample).  Usually, practice is scheduled after you finish the respective subject/course, so you may ask the teacher for instructions while taking that course. You must be certain to secure a place for your practice in the EXACT subjects and hours required; otherwise, you’ll have to pay to rework your practice during next semester. It is possible to have some cycles in Ternopil and some elsewhere, as long as you fully complete a cycle at one place. Please ask the Practice Office for more info
5. During your practice, follow the instructions the teachers gave you, and fill out the practice journal
6. In case of practical training outside Ternopil, bring back your practice journal filled out, sealed and signed by the appointed supervisor, and an official document (with official letterhead, signature and stamp) to prove that you completed the required number of days/hours allocated for the required subjects (see these links above for requirements).
7. After practical training outside Ternopil, bring your practice journal and the official proof to the teacher in charge of each practice to defend the practice with the teacher
8. Take the Practice exam according to the schedule.
Practice Office is located in the Dean’s Office building, same floor as the Dean’s Officeopposite wing, 2nd door on the right