Rules of Conduct

Safety Rules

While in Ternopil or other places in Ukraine:
– do not violate existing laws, regulations, rules;
– have your Passport and Permit for Temporary Residence in Ukraine (student ID);
– pay for public transportation on time;
– follow traffic rules and rules of use of vehicles;
– communicate with friends, Dean of the Faculty of International Students (tel. +380352253998)


A student must:
– comply with the laws of Ukraine, Statute and Code of Conduct of Ivan Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
– fulfill the schedule of educational process and requirements of the curriculum;
– meet the requirements of training programs;
– promptly inform the Dean about the inability to attend training sessions for valid reasons.

Rules of conduct

Ternopil National Medical University recognizes human civilization values, according to which a person’s belonging to any national, ethnic, linguistic, gender or social group should never be a reason for discrimination or abusive, offensive attitude.
A student must:
– follow the traditions of the University and accepted norms of behavior;
– take care of the property of the University;
– follow official dress code;
– carry out orders and instructions of the administration;
– comply with health and safety, hygiene, fire safety foreseen by the relevant rules and regulations;

During classes, students must follow the disciplinary rules:
– it is forbidden to be late to classes;
– as a sign of greeting, students have to get up when a teacher enters the room;
– unnecessary talking (including mobile phone calls) and noise that obstruct the classes are not allowed;
– leaving the room during a class is allowed only upon permission of the teacher;
– it is forbidden to take photos and record videos at departments where parts of the human body are used in the process of training;
– it is forbidden to disclose information about patients and their health.

For violation of internal regulations and discipline, students may incur disciplinary punishment:
– reprimand;
– eviction from the hostel;
– expulsion from the University.

In the University buildings and on campus, it is prohibited to:
– use alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues;
– smoke (except in designated areas);
– distribute and use drugs;
– behave in ways that do not meet generally accepted standards;
– stay in training facilities and offices at inopportune time;
– cause disturbance during classes;
– gamble;
– act immorally;
– provide false information, forge or falsify documents;
– prosecute or threaten anyone in any manner;
– stay in the University buildings with headdress on.

While in the student hostel:
– follow hostel internal regulations;
– do not leave hostel room unattended;
– leaving the room, lock the door with a key, and shut the window;
– do not invite strangers to the hostel;
– do not give your hostel pass and room keys to anyone else;
– return to the hostel not later than 00:00 a.m.;
– your guests have to leave the hostel by 10:00 p.m.;
– to get a room in the hostel for your family members for a short time, write an application addressed to the campus director and submit it;
– follow the rules of elevator use;
– in hostel kitchens, follow the rules for use of gas stoves, do not litter kitchens, throw garbage in the designated garbage bins;
– do not use electric heaters and cookers in your room;
– follow fire safety rules, do not smoke in the hostel

During excursions and trips:
– follow the rules of conduct, do not leave the location of the group;
– treat nature, monuments of history and culture with care;
– follow the program, route, schedule of trips and excursions;
– obey the persons accompanying you



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