TNMU Nigerian Students Union organized an entertaining quest

On September 29, 2019, the Nigerian Students Union hosted its first Ultimate Search, an entertaining quest aimed at facilitation of interpersonal and international relations. This event took place at Spivoche pole, in the Park of National Revival.

It was a mind tasking, fun and memorable event in which 4 teams consisting of 5 members each competed tasks to find the hidden treasure. The winning team was awarded a cash prize of 5000 UAH after it successfully completed the tasks at 6 checkpoints before progressing to the final stage where they found the hidden treasure. The tasks required intellect, extraordinary thinking, speed, strength, precision team spirit and many other important qualities. One can say the NSU Ultimate Search has become a special event for every participant.

The event was concluded by a joyful celebration from the winning team and an amazing show of sportsmanship from the other teams. All the participants thanked the Sports department of the NSU headed by Akinlade Omobayo Abdulsalam and the organization committee of Adeniyi Adetomiwa , Dike Obiora , Maduka Chibuike , Ogunlade Felix and Akerele Awal. The event was aimed at bringing individuals together, fostering better intra-national and international relationship, connected the participants from different countries.