Visa and Temporary Residence Permit

Foreign citizens must obtain a long-term visa type “D” in order to study in Ukraine, so they need to get an invitation letter from the University. The procedure for obtaining of the invitation letter is described under Admission.

– Embassies of Ukraine in foreign countries determine the procedure for obtaining a student visa. In turn, the university helps to organize visa support for each invitation letter issued through it.

– Applicant is entitled to enter Ukraine only in the terms provided for visa, unless otherwise provided by the legislation of Ukraine

– With the successful enrollment, the university is preparing a request to issue a temporary residence permit for the whole duration of study in Ukraine at Immigration Services of Ukraine

– The student should contact the dean’s office of the Faculty of International Students no later than 20 days before the expiration of the period of permitted stay (visa) in order to apply for a temporary residence permit, and he/she must be admitted to the university at the time of filing.

– Under extreme circumstances, provided that only 10 to 3 days are left before the expiry of the visa, and the applicant is enrolled in the study, the university can request the Immigration services in Ternopil region to extend duration of stay for up to thirty days, during which the request for issuance of a temporary residence permit is done.

– For a temporary residence permit, the following documents are needed:

– notarized certified translation of the passport document of the foreigner (the page with personal data)

– four photos 3.5 cm * 4.5 cm, matt

– Application of international students

– A copy of the medical insurance policy for the foreigner during his\her duration of stay

– On receipt of a temporary residence permit, student must register within thirty days the place of residence in the Registration Office of the City Council (Bulvar Shevchenka, 1), or at the appropriate office by place of residence. In case of violation of this term, student will have administrative responsibility (paying fine). If student resides in hostel, the person must go to hostel authorities to stamp address of living, instead of Bulvar Shevchenka, 1. If student resides in flat, the person must contact flat owner to go with him/her to Bulvar Shevchenka, 1 to register place of living. After cancelling current address in temporary residence permit, there is also thirty days term to register new address in order to avoid paying fine.

  • Living at the address other than address of registration in temporary residence permit, provided this fact is detected by State Immigration Service, will result in administrative offence, and paying fine.

– The conditions of entry and exit from the territory of Ukraine are the presence of the current passport document and the current temporary residence permit. With the availability of new passport document, the student must apply to the State Immigration Service of Ukraine in Ternopil region for rearranging the stamp from the old to the new passport within thirty days after either receiving new passport, or entering Ukraine with new passport. Untimely transferring of stamp will result in paying fine as well. To extend temporary residence permit, student must come to the Dean’s office at least 20 days before expiration of temporary residence permit.

– In case of expulsion of student from the university, the university informs the State Immigration Service of Ukraine in Ternopil region about expulsion within ten after termination of studies. The student must withdraw from the place of registration, return temporary residence permit, and leave Ukraine within the period provided by law.



You must:

  1. Fill and sign a “Stamp Transfer Form”, you can ask for this form from me. Ask your friend to help, it MUST be in UKRAINIAN.
  2. Make NOTARIZED TRANSLATION of your new passport. Your translated name in Ukrainian MUST match your Ukrainian name on the first and last pages of your temporary residence permit (posweedka)
  3. Make the following regular copies of your OLD passport – first page (data page), page with Ukrainian visa (the one you used to enter Ukraine initially, if it is available), and current stamp about your temporary residence permit (posweedka). This should be ONE sheet of paper.
  4. Make the following regular copies of your TEMPORARY RESIDENCE PERMIT (POSWEEDKA): First page (with your photo), page with the last address, page with extension of posweedka (if it is there), page with your full name hand-written (usually last page, if it is there). This should be ONE sheet of paper.
  5. TAKE this filled and signed form, original new and old passport, posweedka, notarized translation of new passport, and copies of old passport and posweedka to Bulvar Shevchenka, 10, second floor, room number 14.

!!!Attention all international students!!!

According to Ukrainian law, you must live at the address of your registration, which is stamp in your posweedka (temporary residence permit). If you live at a different address, and you are caught by immigration services agent, you may be paying fine for this administrative offense.

If you just received your new temporary residence permit, or stamped out from previous address, you have ONLY 30 days to put stamp where you live in your temporary residence permit. You must do it with your new flat owner at address Bulvar Shevchenka 1. Failure to do so will result in fines from Immigration Services.

If you lost your international passport or your temporary residence permit, you  must file a claim at the local police station within the area where you lost your documents. After you receive a letter or other proof from police, you MUST inform dean’s office and immigration office within 10 days. Failure to do so may result in fines.  After that, you must start procedure of renewing your lost documents.  If you don’t do it, you can be paying fines again for the reason of living prolonged period of time without documents.


In case your temporary residence permit has no more space to put new address stamp, DO NOT stamp out from old flat.  If you do this, and there is no space for new stamp, you will get into serious trouble. As temporary residence permit is exchanged only at the local Immigration Services office related to your current address, if you stamp out, you do not have this address, and no one Immigration Service can exchange your temporary residence permit.  Therefore, if there is no more space in the back of your “posweedka”, do not stamp out, but exchange your temporary residence permit for a new one first, and only then stamp out from old flat, and stamp in at the new address.

As of February, 2018, the expiration date of temporary residence permit cannot be longer than expiration date of international passport. This is true for BOTH newly issued permits, and permits being exchanged because of tear and wear, or other reasons. Please be aware, that student must have new passport in hand to be submitted to the Immigration Service for temporary residence permit extension at least one month before its expiration. In case of residence permit expiration, the only way to continue studies is to go back to home country and return back to Ukraine with newly opened visa at the Ukrainian embassy in home country.